Valparaíso, Chile

Cerro Concepción: Runseeing, Hills, and Views!

Cerro Concepción is not a long run on its own, but it makes a great addition to runs on the Valparaíso Waterfront or the Brasil linear park. It’s also a nice quick ~2 km hill climb if you want to get that rate rate up. This route passes some of the best examples of street art in Valparaíso, including the famous “Piano Steps.” We’ve mapped a 2.6 km loop starting from Plaza Sotomayor. It follows Cochrane past the Relog Turri then continues on Esmeralda to Almirante Montt. It climbs to the top of the hill, then loops around the colorful streets before descending the Piano Steps. After skirting the hillside by Mirador Lukas, the route follows graffitied alleyways downhill past the Palacio Baburizza. Then, it descends a final set of steps past Ascensor El Peral back to Sotomayor. [Note: Mirador=View]

Add-On: Valparaíso waterfront, Brasil linear park.

  • 2.6 km (1.6 miles) loop
  • 62 meters (202 feet)
  • Plaza Sotomayor
  • Consejo Nacional Bus Stop or Puerto Metro