Venice, Italy

Mestre, Parco San Giuliano, Entry to Venice

Venise Aero Pont de la Liberté

For those staying in Mestre, the key question is whether there is anywhere decent to run in Mestre, and is it possible to run to Venice? Mestre is on the mainland of Venice, connected by the long Ponte della Libertà to Venice. It is a gateway used by most who are visiting Venice, as there are car parks and train connections, as well as less expensive accommodations.

It is possible to run in Mestre, and it is possible to run into Venice. Here are our recommendations:

Best roads to run in Mestre. There are some decent roads, with good sidewalks, especially near the main Piazza Ferretto. You can do a couple of km around the large, wide Piazza, especially when not crowded, and on some of the roads around there. Via Piave is good for running, pedestrian oriented with a wide sidewalk approaching the Piazza, and runs about 1 mile from the Mestre train station. Via Felice Cavallotti runs off of Via Piave and has a separated path, heading to the small but pleasant Parco Piraghetto. The streets around Piazzale Concordia are also quiet and OK for running.

San Giuliano Park. Green space offering good views of Venice and the Venetian lagoon. Very open, with lots of paths. Can easily do 4-5 km around the park and its paths.

Run to Venice on the Ponte della Libertà. It is possible to run to Venice on this bridge. There’s a separated sidewalk, and you’ll be competing with lots of cars and the adjoining train bridge. But it can be spectacular, as you cross the Venetian lagoon with great views of the city. The bridge itself is 4 km, but getting onto it adds another 2 km. Access is using Corso del Popolo. One option would be to get up early, run the bridge before it gets too busy (or hot or windy), cross the modern Constitution Bridge onto Venice,  and then take the train back to Mestre. 8 km (5 miles) one-way

  • Ponte della Libertà from Mestre to Venice is 8 km (5 miles) one-way; San Giuliano Park has 4-5 km of trails
  • For the bridge, access is Corso del Popolo
  • Train station in Mestre, Venice