Running along the Zatterre offers a relatively short, easy out and back, with great water views. Most of the route is along a wide path, allowing for decent running space, except for a couple of narrower sections.

Begin at the S. Basilio Vaporetta stop and head west along Fodamenta Zattere. You’ll cross numerous bridges along the way. Run for 1.5 km along the water, passing Squero di San Trovaso and the Saint Maria of Gesuati church, out to the iconic Santa Maria della Salute, a domed baroque church with unique octagonal design & sacristy housing 12 works by Titian. Here, you can do an easy out and back. Or, for scenery and variety (and when less crowded), you can run up and down some of the canal paths. Run around the Salute by the Dorsoduro, Venice’s highest point, to the Guggenheim and along the Rio Fornace. You can conclude with the Zatterre, or take the upper Venier dai Leon & Calle della Chiesa, then left on the Rio Terrà Foscarini, skirting the Accademia.

  • 3.5 km (2.2 miles) out and back
  • Flat
  • S. Basilio or anywhere along the Zatterre
  • Vaporetto: S. Basilio, or numerous stops along the way