Victoria, BC

Coastal Running: Oak Bay, Uplands, Cordova Bay

There are wonderful running opportunities heading north from Victoria, along the Haro Strait. Beach Drive is a waterfront road stretching for nearly 11 km, with a good sidewalk and shoulder on the water side as you head north. The terrain and views are varied — sometimes right along the water, and other times above it (so there are some hills!). There are water views about 1/2 the time, but the area also boasts spectacular homes, pretty neighborhoods with period lighting, marinas, beaches, a golf course, and other features that make for a scenic run.

The most scenic sections (heading north) are: from Walbran Park to McMicking Point (1.3 km); the 3 km from Oak Bay Beach to Cattle Point (including a waterfront esplanade along Willows Beach). Past Gyro Beach, the road turns more inland. Note: Great food and goodies in Cadboro/Gyro at Sinclair Rd., right off the main road. Also you can run one way and take the bus back.

Distances, from the end of Dallas Rd, heading north:

2 km:     Walbran Park, beginning of Beach Rd.
5 km:      Oak Bay Marina
6.5 km:   Beginning of Willows Beach Esplanade
8 km:      Uplands Park
10.8 km: Cadboro-Gyro Park/Beach

  • Up to 11 km one-way, but easy to divide into sections
  • 290 feet along 11 km
  • South End: At end of Dallas Rd., on Hollywood Crescent Rd. -- Or any point/segment along route
  • Option to take the bus back, which runs along Cordova Bay Rd.