Victoria, BC

Songhees Walkway & Galloping Goose Trail

The Songhees Walkway, also known as the West Bay Walkway, is one of the most pleasant places in Victoria for a run or a stroll. There are great views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the snow-capped Olympics to the south. The path is paved, flat, well-lit, and has lots of benches along the way. It starts just across the new Johnson St. bridge (great running/bike path connections). Also, no bikes allowed! There fun restaurants and bars in the area for a post-run treat. We’ve put together two options.

Short Option – 6 km: A straightforward out and back, from the Johnson St. Bridge to the marina at West Bay, just past Head St.

Longer/Loop Option – 9 km: Combine with the Galloping Goose Trail, which runs north along the west side of the harbor. Run the Songhees and then double back. At the 5 km mark, LEFT on Catherine St. to Bay St., heading northeast for a hilly km, and then left on the Galloping Goose Trail, for 1 km to Banfield Park or across the spectacular boardwalk/bridge. Then head back on the trail, following Harbour Rd. to the start. You can also continue on the GG trail for many km north — there are km markers the entire way. Also, connections to the Lochside Trail and the new E&N Rail Trail. Good maps along the way.

  • Out and Back Option: 6.3 km (4 miles); Longer, Loop Option: 9 km (5.6 miles)
  • Short option: 87 feet; Longer Option: 264 feet
  • Johnston St. Bridge, west side (Delta Marriott)
  • Good bus access