Vienna, Austria

Prater Park

Parks und Garten

This is a large, centrally located public park, with an iconic giant Ferris wheel. There are many paths for running, some very busy and others more isolated. The highlight is the 4.5 km long, tree-lined Hauptallee, which is about the straightest shot imaginable. We’ve mapped out a there and back, with a slight detour onto the waterside path at the southeastern end. For variety, enjoy the paths running off the Hauptallee, some of the remote trails, or the fields of the Arenawiese area.

There are lots of facilities in the park. Restaurants, cafes, a tower, and an amusement park.

Add-On: for more mileage or variety, head north of Prater for 1 km to Augarten, a Baroque-style park with a royal palace. There are several km of paths in here, about 1.5 km end-to-end or nearly 4 km around the perimeter.

  • 9km (5.6 miles) out and back
  • Flat
  • Any point in park, but Praterstern traffic (Leopoldstadt) circle is a good spot
  • Subway: Praterstern U1 & U2.