At the heart of Vilnius’ many waterways is the Neris River, flowing through the center of the city and spanned by a number of bridges. In central Vilnius, the banks of the river are lined with asphalt and stone-paved footpaths for about 10 km. The best stretch of path is on the north bank of the river between Trinapolio Monastery in the west and the Zverynas rock (near the Lietuvos stadium) in the east (~8 km). Runners can also jog along the old towpaths right beside the water — just be careful not to end up in the river on a slippery wet day! Any of these riverside paths are nice on their own, but they also provide connections between parks and other routes in Vilnius. Good add-ons include Vingis Park, Verkiai Regional Park, and Bernadine/Kalnų Park.

  • Up to 10 km (one way)
  • 58 meters
  • Vingis Park, Verkiai Regional Park or any point in between
  • Bus stops along north bank of river