Vilnius, Lithuania

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Vilnius

As the capital and largest city of Lithuania, Vilnius is one of the most significant cultural, economic, and historical centers in the Baltic States. Vilnius celebrated its 700th anniversary in 2023! Located at the confluence of the Neris and Vilnia rivers in the southeast part of the country, this city of 500,000 people features a large, in-tact medieval Old Town with touches of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical architecture. And while Vilnius has plenty of modern details (including great sidewalks), almost half of the city is preserved in parks and nature reserves. This layout has created numerous opportunities for pleasant running in Vilnius, ranging from tours of the historic town to riverfront paths and multiple parks.

In addition to our ‘runseeing’ tour of Old Town, the best places to run in Vilnius are along the Neris River and in some of the signature local parks, including Vingis Park, Kalnų and Bernadine Parks, Verkiai Regional Park, Pavilnių Regional Park, and some other small parks north of the city. For a special destination run, take the train to Traikai for a waterfront tour of the castles there.

Vilnius is very friendly to public transport with a good system of affordable trolleys and buses. Cycling is also popular due to extensive networks of shareable CycloCity bikes.

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Vilnius has a humid continental climate, with warn summers and cold winters. Summers are delightful, with high temperatures averaging 23C (73F), with occasional hot spells. Nights can be cool — you might need a layer for early morning runs even in summer! Winters are cold, with temps staying below freezing. Rivers and lakes can freeze. Runners should be equipped with appropriate gear. Precipitation is fairly evenly spread through the year, with some snow in winter. Also note that due to its latitude, winter days are short, while summer nights are delightfully long.

Most places to stay in Vilnius are situated around the walkable, historic Old Town or the modern city center. See for accommodation information. Try to stay near the river, Old Town, or one of the signature parks if you want to do a nice run right outside your door.


Vilnius has a handful of running stores including chains Sports Direct, Nike,  and Adidas, Sport Point is a good dedicated running store.


There are not many public running clubs in Vilnius that we know of, but visitors should seriously consider taking a trip with Vilnius Running Tours.

Vilnius’ most famous running events are a marathon in September and the annual Christmas Run. You can see more Lithuanian events at