Vilnius, Lithuania

Pavilnių Regional Park

 A large green space located 5 km east of Vilnius, the Pavilnių Regional Park is home to a number of gravel paths situated around the Vilnia River. While there are lots of trails snaking through the park, the most popular is the 5 km Pūčkoriai Cognitive Trail. Most runners start out from the parking area/restrooms at the end of Belmonto g. From here, follow the path clockwise up the river. At the bridge, you can turn LEFT for a 1 km out and back detour to the observation deck at the 65 meter Pūčkoriai rock outcropping. Backtrack to the bridge and continue east around the circuit for a look at the old mill building, dam, and other historical sites before returning to the start. Terrain is a combination of wooded and open.

  • 4-5 km (2.5-3 miles) loop
  • 51 meters
  • Belmonto g.
  • Pavilnys Bus/Train Station