Warsaw, Poland

Łazienki Park

Running in Łazienki Park is a pleasure. This centrally park-and-palace complex, at nearly 200 acres, lies in Warsaw’s central district (Śródmieście) on Ujazdów Avenue, which is part of the “Royal Route” linking the Royal Castle with Wilanów Palace to the south. The park is a venue for music, the arts, and culture, containing several museum, attractions, and important, historic buildings. The principal edifice of Łazienki is the Palace on the Isle.

There are lots of options for running in Łazienki Park. It’s hard to put together a specific route, since there are many criss-crossing paths. It’s about 1.5 km north south and 1 km east-west. Enjoy the paths, gardens, woods, and allees.

Park Map




  • Several km of paths in the park. It's 1.5 km north-south and 1 km east-west
  • Any spot in park
  • Good transport access. Closest Metro Line M1: Politechnika