Wellington, New Zealand

Mt. Victoria: Run to Lookout & Lookout Walkway

Mount Victoria was one of many filming locations for the first movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It also has amazing views of Wellington and makes a great place for a hill run! Begin your run in Charles Plimmer Park on the Lookout Walkway. It’s only 2 km from downtown. When you reach Pallister Road, turn right and wind your way along the road to the Mount Victoria Lookout. There are good views East and West of Mount Victoria along the route. Once you reach the summit, your hard work will be rewarded with a 360-degree view of Wellington City. To return to the start, continue on Lookout Rd until you reach the Southern Walkway.

For those of you that aren’t looking for a hill workout and still want to check out Mt. Victoria, enjoy this wonderful 4.7 km (~3 mile)  loop walk on the Mount Victoria Lookout Walkway.

Mt. Victoria Loop Walk (4.7km)


  • Summit: 4.3 km loop; Lookout Walkway: 4.7 km (3 mile) loop
  • Summit: 139m (458 feet)
  • Charles Plimmer Park
  • Near dowtown. One can walk/run to the park, also served by bus