Wellington, New Zealand

Pencarrow Lighthouse

Pencarrow Lighthouse stands at the entrance of the rocky coastline of Wellington Harbour. The lighthouse is no longer in service but still stands as a landmark of Wellington and a great day trip destination. At the road’s end, begin your run at Burden’s Gate in Eastbourne. Follow the path along the coastline to enjoy spectacular vistas and coastal winds. If your interested in learning more about the history of the lighthouse, stop to read the informational signage along the route. To reach the lighthouse, the path is mostly flat with a slight rise at the end along a narrow track up to the lighthouse. It is hard packed stone running for about 4.2 miles one way. No cars are allowed on this route so it is guaranteed to be quiet. If you are not quite up to this mileage, the route is still worth a visit even without reaching the lighthouse. Run for your preferred distance and enjoy views of the Wellington Harbor!


  • 4.2 miles one-way
  • 560 feet
  • Burdens Gate
  • A 40 minute drive clockwise around the harbor; well served by bus