Zealandia (formerly Karori Wildlife Sanctuary) is a few kilometers west of downtown. A beautiful 9K pathway lies just outside the fence! This pathway is known for its hills but rewards runners with a serene environment and excellent views! Starting in George Denton Park, go through the metal gate and follow the track until you meet the bird sanctuary fence. Turn left. Run along the fence, as the path rises slowly in short (but steep) hills. The highest point is marked by the tapu sign. Here, your hard work is rewarded with stunning views of the harbor and of the hills behind Wellington. As you continue to follow the fence, the path continues climbing and descending hills. Watch your footing, as the path changes from loose gravel to rutty clay.

Note: Fairly steep entry fee


  • 5.8 mile loop
  • 1350 feet!
  • George Denton Park