Portland, Maine

West End Tour

The West End neighborhood is famous for its architecture and boasts some of Portland’s largest historic homes including the historic Victoria Mansion museum. This route starts at Western Promenade Park, which overlooks the Libbytown and Stroudwater neighborhoods of Portland and beyond. A highlight of the run is the steep ascent to Bramhall Hill, where you’ll find yourself in one of the best-preserved Victorian neighborhoods in the country. At the top you’ll take a right onto Congress St. To connect the loop, take a right onto State St. and a right onto Danforth St. To extend, take a right onto Vaughn Street, connecting you back onto Bramhall, where you’ll take a left to go down the hill back towards Western Promenade. If you loop all the way back to the start, it’s 3.7 miles, otherwise the loop is 2.2 miles. Each of the streets mentioned has it’s own unique historic houses and beautiful scenery, that the West End is known for. Other opportunities to extend this run are to enjoy some of the west end streets, south of State St. and west of Danforth St.

  • 2.2 mile loop
  • 118 ft.
  • Danforth St. at Western Promenade Park
  • Western Promenade Park