Windsor, Ontario

West Windsor: Malden Park and Ojibway Woods

Windsor Star: Julie Kotsis

In West Windsor, Malden Park and nearby Ojibway Woods are 1.5 km apart and can be run separately or together as a longer run. Malden Park isĀ  a 175-acre park just off the 401 (Trans-Canada Highway), featuring numerous trails and an opportunity for some hill work in this otherwise flat city. A loop around the perimeter of the park is about 3 km. Then, run to the top of Malden Hill, a climb of about 100 feet (and popular for tobogganing in winter). The park has a small pond, and some other facilities. Add on with trails around fields in 97-acre Mic Mac Park. There’s also a rec center in the area.

For a longer run, head over to Ojibway Tom Joy Woods, a nature preserve with ~3 km of trails. To get there from Malden Park, take Malden Rd. (shoulder, no sidewalk) for 1.7 km. At Elgin St., turn RIGHT onto a trail in the Ojibway Nature Preserve, that leads for 1 km to the woods. For the return to Malden Park, an alternative to Malden Rd. is a trail that runs off Elgin St. parallel to Malden Rd.

Additional Options in Area: There are other parks in the area that are nice for running. At Elgin St., instead of heading west to Obijay Woods, head east to Spring Garden, which has a trail along a small brook that leads to Seven Sisters Park (ending at the 401). Then, a trail adjacent to Spring Garden road (and next to the highway!) leads back to Malden Rd.

  • Malden Park: 5 km loop; Obijar Woods: 3 km of trails. Loop from Malden Park to Ojibway & back is 9.6 km
  • Malden Park Visitor Center off Malden Rd. Obijay Woods is off Matchtette Rd.