Winnipeg, Manitoba

Assiniboine Park

Wikimedia Commons

Assiniboine Park has everything you could ever want in a public city space: a zoo, sculpture garden, playground, outdoor theater, water views, and of course, excellent running. The park (formerly known as City Park) was founded more than 100 years ago, and comprises 1,000 acres, which includes 400 acres designed in the English landscape style, and the 700 acre Assiniboine Forest.

Our route traces some of the major roads and paths of the park comprising about 5k. This route can be combined with the Assiniboine Forest just to the south, or with The Forks or Wellington Crescent for major mileage, but it’s a good destination on its own. This loop can be started anywhere, but there is parking on the south side near the zoo. Head north towards the river, and follow the path east through the sculpture garden and around the pond before returning. This is a flat, simple run with plenty of accommodations and entertainment.

  • 4.8 km (3 miles)
  • 6.7 meters (22 feet)
  • Assiniboine Park
  • Busses and a seasonal tram run from downtown to Assiniboine Park about every 15 minutes.