Winston-Salem, NC

Historic Bethabara Park

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Historic Bethabara Park, located five miles north of Winston-Salem, is a great spot for a tour and a run. The park preserves the history of the first European settlement in North Carolina.  There are historic buildings and grounds, walking and birding trails, and protected wetlands. The park’s grounds are free to visit.

The park is a lovely spot for runners. The ‘anchor’ is the ~2.7-mile Bethabara Greenway, which also provides access to the park’s other trails. In the park, the best running trails include:

Mill Creek Loop: 2.3 miles, takes you to the Mill Site and then to the Wetland.

Woodland Loop. 1.9 miles, mainly through woods.

  • Bethabara Greenway: 2.7 miles one-way; Mill Creek Loop: 2.3 miles; Woodland Loop: 1.9 miles
  • Flat
  • Depends on trail chosen
  • The park is 5 miles north of downtown. There's a parking lot.