Cincinnati, OH

Winton Woods


Located 20 minutes north of downtown Cincinnati, Winton Woods offers a nice pine grove oasis. Winton Woods spans more than 2,500 acres and is located in Hamilton County. Winton Woods offers 2.6-miles of paved trails, a 1.1-mile fitness trail, 0.7-mile Great Oaks and 1.1-mile Kingfisher nature trails. A favorite is the Harbor Loop Trail (1.7 mile route) around Winton Woods Lake.

We’ve also mapped a 6.9 run through the Woods and around the Greenhills neighborhood, which is terrific for running. For some nice residential streets, there are lovely roads and homes in the country club area between Winton Rd. and Lakeview Dr.  Note: No sidewalk, but the road generally does not have too much traffic.

  • Numerous trails in Winton Woods, including 1.7 lake loop; 6.9 mile loop includes park and residential area
  • 388 feet (for longer run)
  • Playground on lake
  • A bus will get you there, but car preferred