Wrocław, Poland

Wrocław ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Old Town Wrocław is historic, compact, and pedestrian-friendly. We’ve mapped out 6.8 and 13 km ‘runseeing’ options on cobblestone streets, waterfront walkways, parks, and sidewalks which will take runners past Wrocław’s historic and cultural landmarks. Both routes start at Pl. Jana Pawła II Station and follow the Promenada Staromiejska along the old moat, passing the White Stork Synagogue, Royal Palace, and Opera House. At Park Juliusza Słowackiego, the route passes the Panorama of the Battle of Racławice, then passes the Bastion Ceglarski up to Bulwar Nad Odrą.

Our longer route adds an eastern section, nearly doubling the distance, as it loops out over Most Grunwaldzki to the Multimedia Fountains, Park Szczytnicki, and the University Botanical Gardens before returning to Grodzka via Turnski Bridge. Both routes carry west over Grodzka, then south through Old Town and iconic Market Square before returning to the end of the moat.

  • 6.8 and 13 km options
  • 23 and 39 meter (74 and 127 foot) options
  • Pl. Jana Pawła II Station
  • Pl. Jana Pawła II Station