Kansas City, MO

Wyandotte County Park: Bridle Trail Loop

Wyandotte County Park is located at Leavenworth Rd. and 91st street, about 15 miles west of downtown. With 1500 acres, and a 400 acre lake, this tranquil park is perfect for running, hiking, fishing, boating and horseback riding. The park provides 16 public shelters, all with access to water, electricity, playground equipment, and restrooms. More specifically, the Bridle Trail Loop circumnavigates the Park, and provides runners with some challenging hills and water to cross. Moderately trafficked, this loop runs around the outskirts of the entire lake, and offers a number of activity options.

  • 8.6 mile loop
  • 582 feet
  • Bridle Trail off West Drive
  • Three good places to park for trail access are at Shelter #2, #10, or #14.