Yokohama, Japan

Marine Park (Umi no Koen)

Yokohama’s Marine Park (Umi no Koen) is located on the south coast of the city, along the Kanazawa Seaside Line (subway). This beachy area has a variety of running surfaces, from brick walkways to wide paved paths. Even the sand is decently firm, which can be fun for training. From Nojimakoen station to Uminokoen-Shibaguchi is about 1.5 km, but runners can continue out the path to Yokohama Sea Paradise (the promenades are free to walk) or along the waterfront of Yokohama City University. To the south of Nojimakoen, runners can cross the bridge and run through Nojima Park. Combined, the path is ~6.5 km, so one can stitch together a 10-12 km run here. There’s also a marked 2.2 km running course around the park.

  • 6.3 km (4 miles) one-way
  • 49 meters (162 feet)
  • Nojima Park or Yokohama City University or other convenient transit stop
  • Numerous stations along Kanazawa Seaside Line: Nojimakoen, Shidaiigakubu, Hakkeijima