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A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Yokohama

Located along Tokyo Bay about 35 km south of Tokyo, Yokohama is the second most populated city in Japan, and one of the country’s most important ports and commercial hubs. Once an isolated fishing village, Yokohama grew to a large center of international trade before being devastated by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and firebombing during World War II. Today, the resurgent city has become popular with expats and tourists, who can find many great places for running in Yokohama.

For many, the favorite running route in Yokohama is along the Minato Mirai bay area, incorporating beautiful Yamashita and Harbor View parks. Other large parks for running include Shin-Yokohama Park, Marine Park, and the elliptical course around Negishi Shinrin Park. For a longer run, the best option is the seemingly endless path along the Tsurumi River.

Yokohama has an extensive rail and subwaysystem, which is widely considered the best way to get around the city and connect to Tokyo. There are also a couple of tourist buses and taxis which are convenient for visitors to see the sights as well as access some of our running routes.

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Yokohama weather is similar to that of Tokyo. Hot and humid summers, lovely springs (cherry blossoms!) and autumns, and cool winters with relatively rare snow or ice. Please plan your hydration carefully in summer! Also, in summer, there are often downpours.

Most hotels in Yokohama are centered around the Minato Mirai/Bay Area, although you can find others scattered throughout town and in nearby Tokyo. See for hotel listings.


Bike Shop Run.
The Space. Great store, offering lockers and showers for a small fee.
SPORTSAUTHORITY MARK IS.  Has sports apparel, running shoes, and towels for rent. Running lab lets runners check their running form and receive a gait and foot analysis.


There are also some Meetup groups that run weekly, including the Yokohama Running and Fitness Club. 

Yokohama has its own marathon, which is probably the most popular race, but other events can be found throughout the year.