Yokohama, Japan

Shin-Yokohama Park

Easily accessed from Shin-Yokohama Station, this sprawling park about halfway between Yokahama and Kawasaki is some of the best off-road running in the area. The park is home to the Nissan soccer stadium, which is the meeting point for the Yokohama Running and Fitness Club. One option is to run around the stadium, a 1 km circuit perfect for speed work. Other runners prefer to take a longer route through the park, enjoying its numerous paths and fields — a loop around the perimeter adds up to about 4 km. There are marked routes of 5KM, 2.2KM, 1.8KM, and 940m (Nissan Stadium). Bonus: Rest houses with changing rooms on the northeast section of the park.

Longer Run: The best option for maximum mileage is to add on a section of the Tsurumi River Path. Incorporating the green space on the east side of the canal, Shin Yokohama Park, and two bridges to the Tsurumi River Path, runners can piece together a loop of 6 km. Of course, the route can be extended almost indefinitely by adding distance along the river.

  • Park loop is 6 km (3.7 mile). Can add with Tsurumi River paths
  • 168 feet (51 meters)
  • Shin-Yokohama Station
  • Shin-Yokohama Station