Yokohama, Japan

Negishi Shinrin Park

Though not the largest green space in Yokohama, this elliptical forest park in the Naka Ward has a paved running circuit which, at about 1.5 km, is ideal for laps or a quick run. It’s a former horse racing track, still tucked between the Equine Museum of Japan and the remnant moss-covered entrance of the former racecourse. In addition to shade from the diversity of tree species, the track includes rolling hills and views of the pond and sprawling lawn, so the course is never boring. Located conveniently between Negishi and Yamate Park, it’s a good option for runners visiting the south or west sections of Naka Ward. It’s also an incredible run when the cherry blossoms are in bloom!

  • 1.5 km (.9 miles) loop
  • 7 meters (24 feet)
  • Negishi Shinrin Park Entrance
  • Negishi or Yamate Station (Negishi Line)