Yokohama, Japan

Tsurumi River Paths

Toshihiro Gamo

The 20 km path along the Tsurumi River is the best option for a long, off-road run in Yokohama. This paved cycling lane along the water provides ample room for all users, and is a great tour of the residential areas and daily life of Yokohama city. There are paths on either side of the river bank, allowing for various loop options. The path is not bucolic in all areas — there are some industrial sections and there aren’t always ‘water views’. The east end of the path starts near the mouth of the river in Tsurumi Ward, and continues for 21 km, where the waterway merges with the Onda River. We’ve mapped the entire 42.5 km loop, out and back.

Some distances, from the eastern terminus: 4 km to Tsukuno Park, 6 km to Highway 1, 10 km to Tsurumigawa Tarumachi Park, and 15 km to Shin-Yokohama Park. Paths continue north and south from Shin-Yokohama Park along tributaries, while the main river path reaches west into Midori Ward. At the Onda river, the path continues still further along the Onda and the Tsurumi, but narrows and is not as well maintained.

  • We've mapped the entire 21 km path, allowing runners to choose their option. See text above for segment distances
  • 236 meters (772 feet) over 42 km out and back
  • Tsurumiono or anywhere along the river
  • Tsurumiono or other riverside paths; there's almost always transit access nearby