Aarhus, Denmark

Egå Marina

This coastal route to the north of Aarhus center features a scenic gravel path through the marina in a quiet seaside setting. In the south, runners can pick up the path at Åkrogen Strandpark. Follow the path north along the coast, cross over the Ny Egå, and emerge at the quaint marina with its rows of boats and restaurants. Runners can either follow the path behind (to the west) of the marina, or run right along the waterfront. The path continues straight north along Ved Stranden before reaching the campus of Skæring Skoles Område. Runners can either loop around the campus and return, or continue north towards Skæring Beach. There is no designated path this far north, but some of the seaside roads are quiet enough to run, with lovely homes and ocean vistas as scenery. There is some stationary exercise equipment at the marina where runners can splice in a strength training session on the return. From Åkrogen to Skæring is 3.1 km one way.

It’s easy to take a bus from central Aarhus to a bus station 0.5 km from the start.

  • Up to 6.2 km round trip
  • 4 meters (13 feet)
  • Åkrogen Strandpark
  • Grenåvej/Mejlbyvej (Aarhus Kom) Bus Station