Aberdeen, Scotland

Aberdeenshire Coastal Path

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The Aberdeenshire Coastal Path is arguably the most scenic running route in Aberdeen. Although it’s a trail, it’s fairly wide and the footing generally good.  The trail reaches along the top of wind-blown rocky bluffs for 5.7 km from Nigg Bay south to Cove Bay, roughly following the Coast Road. Runners can pick up the path on the north end from St. Fittick’s Park, near the intersection of Coast Road, St. Fittick’s Road, and Greyhope Road. On the south end, the path cuts inland and ends near the intersection of Coast Road and Langdykes Road. Keep in mind that, like other coastal runs in Aberdeen, the Coastal Path can be both windy and chilly, but the views never disappoint! Run the path as an out and back up to 11.5 km, or use the Route 3 Bus (which runs about every 20 minutes) to return north to the start of the route. 

Add-On: Walker Park Loop. At the northern end of the coastal path, Walker Park forms a 3.4 km perimeter loop around the Nigg Bay Golf Club. Pretty coastal views and the classic links golf course.

  • Up to 11.5 km (7 miles)
  • 103 meters
  • St. Fittick’s Park
  • Grampian Court Bus Stop