Aberdeen, Scotland

Aberdeen Waterfront and Walker Park Loop

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Walker Park, located in the Balnagask section of Aberdeen just south of the city center, has a nice road and path for running around the perimeter of the Nigg Bay Golf Club, a classic Scottish links course. About 3/4 of the 3.4 km loop is along the water, with great views of the Greyhope/Nigg Bay and the Girdle Ness Lighthouse. There’s an off-road path for part of the route, otherwise the run is on Greyhope Rd. and St. Fitticks Rd. For a longer run, a great bet is to continue south on the Aberdeenshire Coastal Path, which parallels Coast Rd. for 5+ km.

Access From Aberdeen: To reach Walker Park from central Aberdeen, it’s a fairly pleasant 2.5 km. Head south on Market St./A956 to the scenic Victoria Bridge. Then, we recommend staying along Victoria Rd. (Sinclair Rd. and S. Esplanade are industrial and unattractive), east through Torry for 1 km to reach the park. For the return, if you’d like some variety, take the A956 Bridge or the Wellington Suspension Bridge, and run along N Esplanade W., which has a nice path along the River Dee.

  • Loop is 3.4 km (2.1 miles). If accessed from central Aberdeen, it's a 9.2 km (5.7 mile) route
  • 75m (246 feet)
  • Either at park or Market St. in central Aberdeen
  • #12 bus from Guild St. tales 8 minutes to get to St. Fitticks Rd.