Aberdeen, Scotland

Hazlehead Park

Located on the western edge of Aberdeen, Hazlehead Park is a local favorite destination for runners and walkers. This open green space has numerous dirt, stone, and asphalt pathways around English gardens and groves of trees. There are only about 2.5 km of trail throughout the park, but some of the surrounding roads, like Hazlehead Ave and Groats Road, have nice, tree-lined stretches of sidewalk. Alternatively, runners can make their way up to the Den Burn/Rubislaw paths for more mileage. We’ve mapped a 6.3 km loop around the park and surrounding streets that also utilizes these paths. Start at the intersection of Groats Road and Hazlehead Ave, head west around the park paths and loop back to the start. Then, follow Hazlehead Ave/King’s Gate east to Fernilea Park. Turn LEFT onto the park paths and continue along the stream to B9119. Turn RIGHT to reach Groats Road, then turn LEFT onto Groats to return to the start. There is also a 5k Parkrun at Hazlehead every Saturday at 9:30 am that follows a similar route in an out and back form. 

  • 6.3 km (4 miles) loop
  • 69. (226 feet)
  • Hazlehead Ave/Groats Road
  • Groats Road Bus Stop