Acapulco, Mexico

Costera de Las Palmas/Vidafel Road

This stretch of road between Playa Revolcadero and Residencial Las Olas has a similar vibe to the Av. Revolución/Boulevard Barra Vieja route in that it follows a strip of resorts and condos. It’s a well maintained, palm-lined road with a good sidewalk for running. There are a few particularly nice sections, especially bordering the Vidanta Golf Course. The route is 5.4 km one-way.

Longer Run: With a little creativity, this route can be linked with the Av. Revolución/Boulevard Barra Vieja route. Note: no sidewalk between Residencial Las Olas and La Isla Shopping Village.

  • 5.4 km (3 miles) one-way
  • 25m (82 feet)
  • El Revolcadero
  • Costera de Las Palmas