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Albuferia – Waterfront Route and Cliffside Paths

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The former fishing village of Albuferia is a popular holiday destination, known for its beaches, nightlife, modern marina, and candy-colored apartments. The signature run in Albuferia is a route incorporating Alemães Beach, waterfront promenades, and the marina. There are also several km of cliffside paths.The beaches tend to have soft sand, but can be runnable near the water. (Praia=Beach).

Beach/Waterfront/Marina Tour. 4.5 km one-way. Start at Alemães Beach, and head west on the section of sand that’s ‘groomed’ to make it walkable/runnable. At Restaurant Rei Dos, get onto the R. Gago Coutinho, continuing west on the paved waterfront promenade to a lookout (Mirador). Continue west for 1.5 km, staying always left, along the roads that alternate in and out of water views. At the ~3 km mark, reach the modern marina, which has nice promenade paths around it. The route ends here, so retrace your steps or join the cliffside paths for a longer run.

Albuferia Cliffside Paths. There is a series of scenic cliffside paths in the Reserva Natural Caminho da Baleeira, featuring great views of beaches and the Atlantic from a high perch. Some paths are wide with good footing, and some are narrower and rockier. There isn’t a designated route here. The paths can be accessed off Caminho da Baleeira, or the São Rafael Beach parking lot at the west end. It’s 2-3 km from east to west on these paths.

  • Waterfront Run: : 4.5 km (2.8 miles) one-way; Cliffside paths: Can do 4-5 km
  • Waterfront Route: East end Start at Alemães Beach, west end start is the marina
  • For cliffside paths, parking lot at western end at São Rafael Beach