Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria Corniche

Creative Commons: Daniel Mayer
Flickr: Elias Rovielo

The Alexandria Corniche is the best place run in Alexandria. There is a dedicated waterfront path alongside the 26 July/El-Gaiche Rd. for up 18 km, from the Citadel of Quaitbay to the Montaza Palace Gate. Note that the air can be polluted and some runners have reported that there is a lot of trash. BONUS: Lit at night!

Key distances and landmarks along the way, starting from the Citadel:

0 km:  Citadel
4 km:   Bibliotheca Alexandrina
9 km:   Stanley Bridge — historic  bridge
10 km: Royal Jewellery Museum
15 km:  Miamy Beach
18 km:  Montazah Main Gate (entrance to Garden & Palace Grounds)

From the Montazah Main Gate, the route can be extended for another 4-5 km. Enjoy running on paths through the palm-lined walkways of Elmontaza Garden to the Montaza Palace, and then on the on a waterfront path, across the gorgeous 400m Montazah Bridge, to Tea Island/Montazah Beach. Note: construction around Montazah Palace might affect ability to run there.


  • Up to 22.4 km (14 miles) one-way
  • 172m (562 feet) over entire route, west to east
  • Alexandria End: Citadel; East End: Montazah Beach