Alexandria, Egypt

Montaza Palace Area

Creative Commons 4.0: Daniel Mayer

One can put together a quite nice run in the Montaza Palace area, either as a standalone route or as part of the Alexandria Corniche. Montaza Palace is an ornate, 1930s-era palace that’s now a large public park, with lovely grounds and landscaping. Create your own route on the palm-lined palace grounds, which includes Elmontaza Garden.  Then, take the road or the beach to the gorgeous El Montaza Bridge, with its great views of the palace and the Mediterranean out to Tea Island & Montazah Beach.  NOTE: As of October 2021, all Montaza routes are closed because of construction in the area.

Palace Gardens. Flickr: Elias Rovielo

For a longer run, there’s a ~1 km waterfront path along Al-Mamoura Public Beach, on the other side of the Paradise Inn Beach Resort. Another option is to join the Alexandria Corniche, the waterfront promenade that goes for 21 km west toward Alexandria.


  • ~4-5 km, including Palace Grounds, Tea Island, Al-Mamoura Public Beach
  • Elmontaza Garden or anywhere in the Palace area