Algarve, Portugal

Lagos – Marina Tour and Cliffside Paths

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Lagos is known for walled old town, cliffs with great views to the Atlantic, and gorgeous beaches. There are two noteworthy runs in Lagos: a tour of the marina/waterfront, and then a series of paths along the cliffs.  As for the beaches, they’re very pretty, but the sand tends to be fine. Running might be OK near the water at low tide. (Praia=Beach)

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Marina Tour. 3.8 km one-way. There are nice promenade paths around the marina and along the water to Pinhao Beach. Start near the train station and wind your way around the marina, passing several museums and a Science Center. Continue west, paralleling the N125, past the Arco/Porta de São Gonçalo, and the Praia da Batata viewpoint. The route ends at the Pinhao Beach walkway.

Lagos Cliffside Paths. There is a series of scenic cliffside paths, featuring great views of beaches and the Atlantic from a high perch. These paths are generally wide and have good footing. There are two ‘sections’:

  • From the parking lot at Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse. Trails go for ~1 km east toward the Praia do Camilo and for ~1 km west to the Playa de Canavial. From here, there’s 1 km on-road to connect to the section that starts at Praia de Porto Mós (use R. do Canavial and M1263.
  • From the parking lot at Praia de Porto Mós. It’s 2.5 km along gorgeous cliffside pths from Praia de Porto Mós west to Rocha Negra. Add-on: trails inland in the Atalia area.
  • Marina tour: 3.8 km one-way; Cliffside paths: Can do up to 10 km, but not contiguous
  • Flat -- except for some paths/stairs to the beach
  • Marina: near train station; Cliff paths: Parking lots at Ponta da Piedade and Praia de Porto Mós
  • Parking lots at Ponta da Piedade and Praia de Porto Mós