Alicante/Costa Blanca, Spain

La Serra Gelada Natural Park

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La Serra Gelada Natural Park is a gorgeous, 13,750-acre mountain and marine conservation, with many km of trails that are popular for hiking. The hilly trails wind around the rocky mountain terrain, with great views of the coast. There are two particularly runnable trails:

Ruta Senderisme de Punta de Cavall o Punta de Jordi. This is a 5 km out and back trail at the Cala Almadraba end of the park, near Levante Beach. The trail uses Calle dos Calas, and goes for 2.5 km to the Sera Gelada observation deck, with views of the Torre Vigía and the coast. There’s an option to dip town to Cala Tío Ximo, a rocky cove with a beach pavillion. Note: Hilly! 194m over 5 km.

Camino del Faro. This is scenic trail is a paved path at the northern end of the preserve that goes for 2.4 km from the main road to the coast. There are wonderful coastal and mountain views, and an observation deck making for a nice rest. It’s hilly, but runnable, with only a couple of short sections with steeper grades.

There are many other trails that are used for hiking and challenging trail running, with steep terrain and tough footing.

Add-Ons: At the southern end of the preserve, the seafront promenade runs for 6.6 km from Levante Beach to Poniente Beach.

  • Ruta Senderisme: 5 km out and back; Camino del Faro: 4.8 km out and back
  • Ruta Senderisme: 194m (637 feet); Camino del Faro: 164m (541 feet)
  • Ruta Senderisme: Calle dos Calas, near the north end of Levante Beach; Camino del Faro: Off Carrer Badia