Alicante/Costa Blanca, Spain

Alicante Waterfront

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This is a scenic run along a palm-lined seaside promenade in Alicante, with great views of the Mediterranean and Santa Barbara. The path stretches for nearly 7 km, from Playa de la Almadraba to the north all the way to the port, just east of the center of Alicante. In some sections, the route is along a wide, dedicated promenade path, and in other sections, the promenade is a wide sidewalk alongside Av. de Villajoyosa. This runs into the Explanada de España (Esplanade), a highlight of the route. The pedestrianized marble mosaic consists of 6.6 million little tiles, with towering palm trees, charming terrace cafés and great views of the harbor. You’ll wind around the marina and end up at the port. The entire route is nearly 7 km one-way, so choose any section you like!

Recent Add-On, from a user: After Esplanada,  one can  now continue for another ~1 km on a cycle path to the Casa del Mediterraneo (cultural center in a former train station). where you may take left into the palm-lined Parc de la Mar close to the industrial area of the port. This adds another ~3 km.

  • Up to 6.5 km (4 miles) one-way
  • Flat

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2 years ago

After Esplanada, you may run, next to the water in a nice walkside bordering the water, almos 1 km more,
At the end, you will see a former train station (now a cultural center “Casa del Mediterraneo”) where you may take left to a park, close to the industrial area of the port, or right, side of Ave día de Elche for almost 3 km, arriving to a nice park full of palm trees.

For me, the best thing is that in the almost 10 km (from Almadrava beach to the Palmeral park) you can run it crossing o lúa 3 or 4 times a car lane)


  • Up to 6.5 km (4 miles) one-way
  • Flat