Anchorage, AK

Lake Hood

This relatively flat, roughly 4 mile, loop utilizes the non-motorized trails around the Lake Hood, the largest and busiest seaplane base in the world. It’s a fun area to explore, starting at the intersection of Wisconsin Street and Lakeshore Drive, in the Spenard neighborhood. Follow Lakeshore Drive along the northern border of the lake, past the piers and Floatplane Drive. Just before Hood Creek, take a left onto the waterfront path wrapping southwest towards Turnagain. This borders Aircraft Drive all the way to the Aviation Museum. Here, you can hop on the bike path which will carry you briefly east until connecting with Aviation Ave. Aviation Ave will deliver you back to Spenard Road, which will spit you back out on Wisconsin Street. For the entirety of this route, you’ll mostly be running on protected paths, but where you do need to run along the road, the shoulder is generous. Just be sure to keep your head up — it’s likely you won’t be the only one distracted by the variety of seaplanes cruising in all directions.

  • 4 mile loop
  • N/A
  • Wisconsin Street & Lakeshore Drive
  • Spenard and Lakeshore Bus Stop