Ankara, Turkey

Ankara Castle Area

Creative Commons: Bernard Gagnon
Stairs from Evi Park. Google Street View

Runners who want to their heart rate up while enjoying some history and views might consider a run up to the Ankara Castle. The castle itself is a significant ancient castle built on a rocky hilltop, offering panoramic views of the city. The main way to get there is a series of stars starting in Evi Park. The reward at the castle is wonderful views, and you can even walk on the castle walls. You can also use some roads to get to the castle (hard to map exactly). It’s a mix of some charming older streets and some dilapidated sections, but there are ongoing efforts to improve the area.  Note we haven’t mapped this route specifically. We just recommend it as a spot to visit and running the stairs to the castle can be a unique experience.

Option/Add-On: You could combine a loop of Gençlik Park with the castle climb. It’s ~1.3 km from the Gençlik Park to Evi Park, passing through sections of the Old City. Use A.Adnan Saygun Cd. (busy but runnable).

  • HILLY run to castle on stairs or area roads/paths!
  • For castle: Evi Park
  • Bus access or walk from Old Ankara. Metro doesn't serve Castle area