Antalya, Turkey

Antalya Old Town Tour

Flickr: Graeme Churchard

Antalya has a charming old town, containing numerous historic sites, and a pedestrian-oriented series of narrow streets and alleys. Coming up with a precise ‘running tour’ is a bit of a challenge owing to maze-like structure of small streets, but we’ve tried to come up with an outline that passes by some of the main sites without too many turns.

A good place to start is Hadrians Gate, on Atatürk Cd. LEFT on Mescit, to the Pasa Mosque and Clock Tower. Then head north on 406 SK and Şarampol Cd. for 0.5 km to the 1540s era Ottoman Murat Paşa Mosque. Come back along 14 Sk., passing the Main Market, to Tophane Park. Turn RIGHT on Cumhuriet Cd., which is a cliffside road with an observation deck and then the Yavuz Ozcan Park overview. Come back briefly, and turn south on Varyant Sk. at the Observation Deck, to run along the marina to the end. Return, heading south on Mermerli  Sk. and Hesapcı Geçidi Sk., toward Karaalioglu Park, which features Hıdırlık Tower, a round stone tower built by the Romans, and great ocean views. Exit the park and run past the Atatürk House & Museum, taking Atatürk Cd. to return to the start.

Add-Ons: Lose yourself in some of the interior small streets and alleys of the Old Town for a longer run. Especially nice early morning before the crowds hit. Can also take Fevzi Çakmak Cd. south to Falez Parkı 2, to join the waterfront route heading east toward Lara Beach.


  • 5.5 km (3.4 mile) loop
  • 78m (258 feet)
  • Hadrians Gate, Atatürk Cd.