Athens, Greece

Ymittos Mountain

Also known as Hymettus, this mountain, 18 km from Athens, is a favorite for runners. It has an elevation of 1,000 meters. The mountain is covered with a beautiful pine forest and has many attractions: historic monasteries, impressive caves, clearly marked footpaths, unsurfaced forest roads barred to traffic which are ideal for mountain biking and trail running.

There is a road without too much traffic, as well as numerous trails. There are great views of the city. The University of Athens and the Technical University are located on the western facing slopes. Ymittos has a great variety in levels of difficulty for runners at all stages, ranging from steeper slopes to hills and flat trails, with a variety of surface conditions. It is impossible to recommend a specific route. We should also mention that this is more of a hiking and biking destination, and for trail running.

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4 years ago


What is your price per person for the mountain tour and what does it include/entail?

Many Thanks,