Augusta, GA

North Augusta Greeneway & Other North Augusta Multi-Use Trails

Boeckh Park: Google Street View

The North Augusta Greeneway is a paved, multi-use path in North Augusta that’s officially in South Carolina. The main path runs for 5.6 miles from Brick Park northwest to Bergen Rd. at the I-20.  The northern section runs through shady woods and neighborhoods, so it’s popular for commuters. The most attractive section for running is the southern loop, which wraps around Boeckh Park and Brick Pond Park for 2 miles. From here, the path runs upriver for 3 miles, then bends inland. The north end terminates at Bergen Road after a total of 5.5 miles. There are also access branches heading towards River Golf Course and Edenfield Park. 

Other multi-use trails in North Augusta include the Palmetto Parkway Trail (4.75 miles between Atomic Road and Ascauga Lake Road) and the Knox Ave Path (1.2 miles between Shoppes Way and Nut Grove Drive). Neither is very scenic, but they’re good utilitarian options to know about.

  • Up to 5.5 miles one-way; Southern loop adds 1.5 miles
  • 324 feet
  • Brick Pond Park or Boeckh Park
  • Georgia Ave