Augusta, GA

Augusta Residential Highlights

Creative Commons: Thomson200

For some attractive residential neighborhood running, we recommend the Summerville and Murray Hill neighborhoods, just west of Midtown. Summerville is an affluent, historic neighborhood, with the small campus of Augusta University at its center. The area features lovely, tree-lined streets and attractive older homes. It’s best to create your own route here. Use Walton Way, which runs west from downtown through the neighborhood, as an anchor.  You can also spill into the Forest Hills and Murray Hill neighborhoods, and run on their windy residential streets. Most of the streets are quiet or have sidewalks. We recommend the genera; area east-west from Milledge Rd. to Jackson Rd. (3.5 miles), and north-south from Wheeler Rd. (on the southern edge of Augusta National) to Wrightsboro Rd. (1.2 miles)

  • It's ~3.5 miles east-west from Milledge to Jacksion Rd. and ~1 mile north-south from Wheeler Rd. to Wrightsboro Rd.
  • Some small, rolling hills
  • Near midtown, south of Augusta National Golf Club