Baja California, Mexico

Seaside Promenades (Malecón) in La Paz, Loreto, Santa Rosalia

Flickr: Jasperdo (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Baja California Sur is a state on the Baja California Peninsula in northwest Mexico. Aside from Cabo San Lucas, which is the most popular tourist destination and best place to run in Baja California Sur, the other main destinations are La Paz, Santa Rosalia, and Loreto, which have some great seaside promenades for running.

La Paz: The capital of Baja California Sur,  located at the mouth of the Cajoncito on the Gulf of California, is one of the top visitor destinations. Its palm-lined seaside Malecón is one of the longest and prettiest promenades in all of Baja. From the start at Marina La Paz to the north end at Playa El Coromuel is 6 km one-way. There are beaches, parks and art by Mexican and international artists. ROUTE MAP.

Loreto: The Malecón in the small resort town of Loreto is another of Baja Sur’s great running locations. This coastal route is .7 miles, but there are plenty of opportunities for extension. Continue along the beach, turn right along Baja California, or check out some of the main drags like Boulevard Salvatierra, which has a decent sidewalk.  ROUTE MAP

Santa Rosalia: The Malecón Santa Rosalia is one of the best running promenades in Baja California Sur. Run up to 2 km out and back on the concrete waterfront path, and add a loop of downtown for more distance. The Malecón is lit at night.  ROUTE MAP.

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