Bali, Indonesia

Sanur Beach

Wikimedia Commons

Sanur Beach is a quiet village located in southeastern Bali.  Colorful fishing boats dot  this resort town with galleries, restaurants & an old temple. Sanur Beach also offers one of the best off-road running paths in Bali, with a 6 km beachfront path. The concrete/stone path goes for 2 km south to Mertasari Beach and 4 km north, passing Segara Beach and ending at Matahari Terbit Beach. This run is particularly special at sunrise.

Other good running options in the Sanur Beach area:

Beach. The beach goes for several km here. The sand is a bit fine and pebbly, with more situational running. Best at low tide. Tide Chart.

Road Running. A bit of a variation from the beach is to run in and out of the quiet alleyways that connect the beach path to the main road. The main road itself, , is runnable, as there is a decent sidewalk. There are numerous shops and restaurants, but no particular views.

  • Beach path is 6 km (3.7 miles) one-way
  • Flat
  • Anywhere along beach path