Bari, Italy

Lama Balice Regional Park

Wikimedia Commons: Fidia 82

For a sense of rural Puglia within a few metro stops of Bari, head to Lama Balice Regional Park. The park is quite undeveloped — there are some fields and abandoned buildings. We’ve mapped a route along some of the roads and mapped paths through the park, which can make for a nice 5k run past olive trees, some old buildings, and the outlines of an old quarry. Trail runners will enjoy less defined, but more rugged, rocky paths popular with walkers and hikers.

Starting from the parking lot, take the road for 0.8 km to the Villa Framarino convention center, and then the small, dirt road east for 0.5 km to reach the SP 54 road. This is a fairly quiet road, which you’ll take south for 1.5 km to the end, and then double back, continuing over SP 156 to return to the car park.

  • 5 km (3 mile) route
  • 39m (127 feet)
  • Parking lot
  • Near airport, Metro Line 2