Bari, Italy

Bari Waterfront Run (Lungomare)

Wikimedia Commons: Sailko
There are two sections of scenic waterfront running in Bari. In the Old Section, the Lungomare Imperial Augusto starts near the ferry terminals and the Basilica and heads south. In the newer section, a path starts at the Faro di San Cataldo, heading north. The 3 km separating these sections is not that pleasant for running, which is why we’ve separated them. Note: Lido=Beach.
Southern Section. Very nice running along a dedicated waterfront promenade for about 6.5 km, heading south. The name of the ‘Lungomare’ changes a few times along the way. There are nice views of the Adriatic for the whole route, and a festive scene. From the start at the Chiesa di Santa Scolastica, it’s 0.8 km to the Molo Sant’Antonio pier (1 km out and back out the pier), 2 km to the Rotunda de Lungomare, 4 km to the Giardini Baden Powell, and just past there, the Pane e Pomodoro Beach and Parco Perotti. This is a good turnaround point. It’s also possible to continue for another 1.5 km along the Corso Trieste to Torre Quetta Beach, where a dirt/gravel path follows the 1 km long beach. On the return, there are nice views of Old Bari from Lungomare Perotti!
Northern Section: To the north, a dedicated seaside promenade follows the ‘Lungomare’ for nearly 4 km from the Faro di San Cataldo monument, to the Lido Massimo where the Lungomare turns inland. Like the southern Lungomare run, there are open water views the whole way. Additional sights include the Fiera del Levante exhibition hall (1 km mark), and the Lido San Francesco (2 km).
Add-On: Enjoy some of the maze-like streets and alleys of the old section of Bari,  just inland from the start of the southern Lungomare route, at the Basilica San Nicola. Or, the newer section, Murat, when you cross Corso Emanuale (see our Bari ‘Runseeing’ Tour).
  • South Section: Up to 6.5 km (4 miles) one-way; North Section: Up to 4 km (2.5 miles) one-way
  • Flat
  • Depends on which route chosen - see description
  • Decent bus access from the city center