Bari, Italy

Bari ‘Runseeing’ Tour

PXFuel/Creative Commons

It’s fun to create your own running tour of Bari’s distinct and adjoining old and new sections. The old section is bound by the Lungomare and Basilica area, south to the Corso Emanuele (0.5 km), and 0.5 km east-west between the Fortino di Sant’Antonio and the Castello Normanno-Svevo. Inside these bounds is a maze of alleys and very narrow streets. We’ve drawn an outline route on a map. Go when it’s quiet and explore the streets.

The more modern ‘New City’ features some lovely 19th century architecture and runs on a grid-like pattern between Corso Emanuele and Corso Italia/Piazza Aldo Moro (1 km north-south) and between

Piazza Garibaldi Gardens on the west side, the Piazza Umberto near the central train station, and on the east end, a section of the Lungomare including the spectacular Museo Teatro Margherita.

For guidance purposes, we’ve drawn a map around the ‘Old City’, and plotted a 5 km route that goes from the Basilica to the Castle, then a section of Corso Emanuele to the


  • Outline tour is 5 km, but we suggest adding on
  • Fairly flat
  • In the old section, the Basilica is a good place to start
  • Decent bus access from the city center