Bergen, Norway

Running in the Mountains Surrounding Bergen


It’s no surprise that there is some excellent running in the surrounding hills of this ‘city of seven mountains’. Many of these areas are very popular for hiking. We’ve researched some of the areas that make for some interesting running that’s not overly challenging or technical. Our recommendations:

Fjellveien. The easiest of our ‘mountain runs’ — more of a wide, pedestrian-only gravel road that goes along a ridge for 4.4 km. Close to the city center, from funicular mid-way station. Lit at night!

Run the Stairs of Sandviksfjellet. Want to get the lungs going? Tackle the 800 stairs that come off Fjellveien, toward Stoltzekleiven, to the top of Sandviksfjellet. Gains 315 meters. Great views!

Fløyen. From the top of Fløyen, there’s a plateau with numerous trails. Even though it’s popular for hiking, there are several trails that are good for running. Take the Fløibanen Funicular (near the tourist Information right in the city center) to the top. Can also be accessed from the Starefossen neighborhood.





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