Salt Lake City

Best Salt Lake City Residential Neighborhoods for Running

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There are several centrally-located residential neighborhoods in Salt Lake City that are terrific for running. Here are our recommendations for areas with quiet, tree-lined streets, attractive homes, and sidewalks.

The Avenues. Just east of the Capitol and Temple Square. Some quaint streets, with sidewalks and nice homes. Can combine with City Creek and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Area Around Liberty Park. Pleasant residential streets in this area, particularly Grand View and Liberty Wells, just south of the park. East of the park, nice running in Woodbury, and even nicer just east of there in Yalecrest.

Yalecrest. About 1 mile east of Liberty Park. Some lovely streets for running in this neighborhood, east to the Bonneville Golf Course and north to the University of Utah.

Highland Park and Sugar House. These two neighborhood just south of I-80 and Sugar House Park are lovely for running. Long, tree-lined streets with attractive homes. And flat! Stay east of Highland Dr. and North of Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park.


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