Salt Lake City

Sugar House Park – Southern SLC

Located in Southern Salt Lake City, Sugar House Park is known as a “crown jewel” among regional parks in the Salt Lake Valley. Attracting tons of runners at all times of the year, Sugar House Park offers 110 acres of lush, rolling green space among Salt Lake City’s widely regarded residential neighborhood “Sugar House.”

Sugar House Park offers two different running loops, both great for short distance runs, interval workouts, and hill/form work. The inner loop is paved, and offers roughly 1.4 miles of rolling hills. The outer loop is made up of grass, and roughly 1.8 miles long. Just east of the park, there also sits a 400 meter, all-weather track which is open to the public as well. Note: The park is open daily from 7a.m. through 10p.m. in the summer, and from 7a.m. through 9p.m. in the winter.

If you’re looking for a quick 1-mile warm up before hitting Sugar House Park for some intervals, you can start at the St. Ambrose Catholic Church, and follow the map provided above, to Sugar House. Just to the west of the park is the Sugar House Shopping Center (Whole Foods, etc.).

Add-Ons: There are some good add-on opportunities from here.

  • Residential Neighborhoods. A pleasant residential neighborhood, north of the park, staying west of S 2100 E  and east of Liberty Park, or south of I-80 to Hudson Ave. Also, south of Sugar House Park (and I-80), the Sugar House and Highland Park neighborhoods are lovely for running.
  • Parleys Creek/Tanner Park/Parleys Historic Nature Park. Just east of Sugar House Park. Several additional miles of trail running. See our route!
  • Liberty Park. About 2.5 miles northwest of Sugar House Park. Great park with inner and outer loop options. See our route!
  • 2.7 Miles RT LOOP.
  • Rolling Hills.
  • St Ambrose Catholic Church., or Highland High School Parking Lot